Psycho-Educational Group for Chronic Pain​

In the Chronic Pain group we emphasize that your identity is not as a “chronic pain patient” but as a complex individual who has chronic pain but also has unique gifts and abilities. The first goal of the group is for you to learn about the main psychological therapies that can be helpful in coping with chronic pain and how to apply these strategies. The group will incorporate cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness, and relaxation strategies including breathing techniques and focused attention. We will practice these within the group and you will receive handouts for home practice. Another goal of the group is for you to learn how to handle some of the frequent and difficult situations that arise when living with pain. How these situations may contribute to depression and anxiety will also be discussed. The main purpose of the group is to give you training and a place to practice research-based techniques for reducing pain and heading off common events that can create additional problems for those living with chronic pain.